ProMatrix & Co. is a leading recruitment services provider in China. We have more than 100 professional recruitment consultants and an innovative online recruitment platform. Benefit from our huge talent database and organic internal cooperation mechanism, ProMatrix have successfully helped nearly 1000 clients recruit more than 3000 Mid-Senior level candidates across the sectors of Financial Services, Boarder Industrial, Internet and Entertainment.

The Fintech Business Group serves the ecosystem of financial technology and associated sectors. Our fintech clients are from a range of sectors including banking, investment institutions, internet finance, consumer finance, industrial finance, big data service organizations, and technology unicorn enterprises. We build a bridge between outstanding talent and enterprises, specializing in mid-senior level recruitment in the above fields, and injecting fresh blood into the customers' organizations to adapt to the rapidly evolving financial technology industry. The members of the Fintech Business Group are deeply immersed in their respective areas of focus and are plugged in to a wide range of professional networks. We provide customers with comprehensive human resources solutions while addressing the needs of high-level talent.

Coverage: Banking / Investment / Consumer Finance / Financial Technology / Industrial Finance / Big Data Services

The Insurance Business Group has been one of the core departments since the company was founded. The team has grown over 7 years and currently has 15 professional consultants in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao. The major practices of the insurance industry include life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, pension insurance, reinsurance, insurance brokerage, internet insurance, etc. There are more than 60 clients including group companies, foreign and joint venture companies, private share companies, and insurance companies in the preparatory stage. The team is good at mid- senior level job recruitment, and the successful placements range from CEO, VP of each section to the manager level. The team also provides domestic competitor analysis and salary development plans for well-known foreign insurance companies. Our strongest advantages in the industry are our successful record in top level executive recruitment and widespread resources in actuaries.

Coverage: Executive Recruitment / Business Channels (individual insurance, bancassurance, group insurance, network sales, etc.) / Operations Management (underwriting, claims, policy administration) / IT/ Actuary / Legal Compliance/ Insurance Technology

The Healthcare Business Group provides a wide range of recruitment solutions for our domestic and foreign clients. We help companies in the fields of medicine, medical equipment, IVD, medical services, medical information, medical financial services and medical technology to recruit mid-senior level management talent and professional experts. Our team considers the specific needs of each client to provide clear, practical and customized solutions for talent selection, professional assessment, compensation plan preparation, and team building.

Coverage: Medicine / Medical Devices / Life Sciences / Healthcare / Hospital / Biodiagnosis / Medical Information / Healthcare Technology / Medical Affairs / Data Management and Biostatistics / Sales and Marketing / Research and Development / Business Channels and Tender / Government Affairs and Market Access

The Function Business Group is deeply rooted in both emerging and traditional industries. Following the principle of customer first, it is based on the “Hive Mind” model and many high-quality customer databases, and has created a highly professional team that works closely with other business groups. Our target industries cover the fields of internet, finance, insurance, industry, medical health, education, entertainment, etc., including financial affairs, human resource, legal affairs, government affairs and other aspects of senior management and professional positions. Meanwhile, we work closely with major investment banks and PE/VC, providing high-end talent search and customized human resource solutions for them. In addition to the first-tier cities, the team also successfully placed suitable candidates for clients in developing regions and cities. We hope to leverage our talent pool and become a strategic partner with growth-oriented and expansion-oriented enterprises.

Coverage: C level functional positions / financial affairs / human resources / legal affairs / government affairs / public affairs / strategy

The Financial Services Business Department serves the top financial group companies, and always keeps up with the market's cutting-edge dynamics and business environment. We promote our clients’ business growth and strategic goals through a wealth of financial industry contacts and deep insights in the financial talent market, focusing on the efficient matching of comprehensive financial talent and positions. We offer professional consulting services and have established a good reputation for contributing to the rapid growth and organizational transformation of our clients, most of which are world-known corporate groups. We are proud that our clients have consistently bestowed honors and awards upon us for being excellent vendors.

Coverage: Securities / Funds / PE / Consulting / Big Data / Fintech / Mid-senior level talent or Core position search

The Innovative Technology Business Department is deeply rooted in the rapidly developing internet and technology industries. We use our knowledge in related industries and professional work, as well as a unique “social business” recruitment strategy in the recruitment process to help us master the acquisition of first-hand information on talent and industry, and quickly match top talent with our clients. We also resolve to help clients enhance their brand image and improve their competitive advantages.

Coverage: Big Data / Machine Learning / AI / Cloud Computing / Network Security / E-commerce / Mobile Payment / Online Education / IoT / OTA

The Industrial Energy Business Department has been serving the world's top 500 and leading companies in the segment for many years. Over time we have come to accumulate a 100,000+ pool of talent in the fields of technology research and development, manufacturing and sales. The team keeps up with the hot spots and market trends, and has gradually acquired high-quality clients in the field of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing from the traditional manufacturing field. Relying on a huge talent database and consultants in sales, R&D, operations and other positions, we can solve recruitment problems efficiently and quickly. Our team members understand both domestic and foreign corporate culture as well as the talent market. We strive to win the trust of top talent and have established a good reputation in the rapidly evolving Chinese industries.

Coverage: Industrial Manufacturing / Intelligent Manufacturing / Energy Chemical / Automotive / Environmental / Consumer Electronics / Agriculture / Infrastructure / Supply Chain / HVAC and Smart Home

The Banking Business Department has maintained great relations with well-known state-owned and joint-stock banks for many years. The banking industry has always been a pillar of stability in the financial sector. With the “Retail Internet Transformation” of the banking industry in recent years, our team has successfully placed competitive talent with our clients including private banks and internet banks. Moreover, we also closely link to associated industries such as payment, consumer finance, financial leasing, finance companies, and internet finance.

Coverage: State-owned Banks / Joint-stock Banks / Private Banks / Internet Banks / Finance Companies / Financial Leasing / Consumer Finance Companies / Trust / Internet Finance / Fintech

The New Business Incubation Center was established in 2019. We aim to stay connected with the ever-changing market and talent demand hotspots at home and abroad, and to further improve the consultant recruitment and team incubation mechanism of ProMatrix & Co. in the new economy. To achieve this, we are actively exploring innovative recruitment methods and client partnership mechanism to maintain market-leading insights into industry and sustainable upgrades for talent recruitment solutions.

Coverage: Education / New Retail / Internet + / Entertainment / Overseas Talent / Flexible Employment

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