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  • 2015.05.15 Shanghai

    The Financial Recruitment Company of the Year 2014 – The RI Asia Awards 2015 China

  • 2015.12.08 Hong Kong

    Best Recruitment Firm – Senior-management roles Silver Winner-HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2015

  • 2016.04.07 Hong Kong

    Best Recruitment Innovation by A Recruitment Agency - 2016 Asia Recruitment Awards

  • 2016.05.15 Shanghai

    The Financial Recruitment Company of the Year 2015- The RI ASIA Awards 2016 China

  • 2016.07.21 Beijing

    2016 Outstanding Professional Services Brand – The 5th Finance Summit 2016

  • 2016.12.01 Hong Kong

    Best Recruitment Firm- Banking and Financial Services -HR Vendors of the Year 2016 Hong Kong

  • 2016.12.01 Hong Kong

    Best Cross-Border Recruitment Agency -HR Vendors of the Year 2016 Hong Kong

  • 2017.04.12 Hong Kong

    Best Cross-border Recruitment Agency-Asia Recruitment Awards 2017

  • 2018.04.12 Hong Kong

    Best Cross-border Recruitment Agency-Asia Recruitment Awards 2018

About ProMatrix & Co.

ProMatrix & Co. is a leading Human Resources Consulting Agency in China.

ProMatrix & Co. was founded in 2012. Our headquarters is at Beijing and we have branch offices across Shanghai, Xi’an, Qingdao and Hong Kong.

We are committed to providing comprehensive Human Resources services to our clients including Mid-Senior Level Recruitment, RPO, Staffing, Human Resources Solutions and Expert Network Service. The business covers more than 20 sub-sectors, including finance, insurance, banking, internet, technology, industry, energy, media and entertainment.

At ProMatrix, we have pioneered the use of “Hive Mind” and partnership mechanism in our organization. This combination ensures that every consultant has full access to enterprise resources and database, allowing them to act as owners of industry contacts and market information. Moreover,our consultants leverage internal information sharing and co-operation mechanisms to provide the best services for both clients and candidates.

Partnership Mechanism

In 2019, ProMatrix & Co. included a partnership track for employees in addition to the “Hive Mind” as core mechanisms for organization efficiency. These mechanisms are key to the long-term vision for growth at ProMatrix and our commitment to improving the team’s market competitiveness.

In the company, the partners get top-level management rights and responsibilities, and adopt a profit-sharing mechanism. Each partner, while managing their respective business units, will also participate in the formulation of corporate strategic decisions and jointly develop core business resources both inside and outside the enterprise. The partnership structure at ProMatrix & Co. not only reflects the vision for career development of internal talent, but also the management consensus regarding the path for enterprise growth.

We encourage internal talent to adopt our culture of “Aspiration, Sharing, Commitment”, providing fast promotion tracks, professional skills training and high-quality business resources. We believe that this culture and the partnership track promotes synergies between professional growth of the team and strengthening the company’s business.

In the future, we will continue to help internal talent develop, and attract external talent who share similar values. We intend to build a highly competitive team of partners to jointly achieve goals and share the business value created by Partnership Mechanism in the Human Resources services market.


The hive mind is not only an excellent conceptual model, but also a brand new mode of cooperation and division of labor.

The characteristics of decentralization, distribution, enhanced cooperation and adaption to change, help the company to form an efficient information transfer mechanism and cooperation model. It ensures that enterprise-level decision-making is timely and responsive to business opportunities and market changes.

The consultant's business insight and independent analysis skills are sharpened in the process of implementing the hive mind. The team eventually becomes the owner and decision maker of the enterprise platform. Our team will accurately match the candidates and solutions based on customer needs and industry dynamics to ensure the sustainable growth of the company.

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